Mine Site Security

As all mining corporations spend extensive amounts of funds into resources, property, machinery and material goods, together with the increased intimidation of Terrorist organizations and prepared crime associations now taking explicit attention in the mining industry and its operations, the importance of Mine Site security has never been so decisive.


All Security Services Perth currently provides the country’s leading expert level security services to a large number of mining. All Security Services Perth is called upon to supply them with a large assortment of professional services ranging from, full site security, Security Management, Security Consultancy, Risk Management, and Resource Protection, to the ornamental and supervision of site security which already have security personnel and measures in place. We also provide large scale site Security Patrols to remote sites for an additional security existence.


Our highly qualified operatives can be deployed for short or long term security enhancing of a site should a serious or multifaceted security situation take place and they can also aid in major incidents where Crisis Management strategies are required to be implemented. Our specialist security teams are also used for long term security for Mine Site permanence, so as to daunt the actions of Terrorists, organized crime incidents or any other complex potential security situation.